Plan your classes

Mine the course catalog. Make your schedule golden.

CSM has hundreds of classes to choose from and almost one-thousand sections. Get an edge in the schedule-making process and build the perfect schedule, without having to navigate Trailhead.

Here's how it works:

Option 1: Make your schedule manually:

  1. Search for course sections by name, course number, department, instructor, credit hours, or time.
  2. Select the sections you like best.
  3. Keep customizing until you have the perfect schedule.

Option 2: Use the schedule builder:

  1. Select your preferred courses and course sections.
  2. Let the scheduler show you all the schedules that contain the classes you want.

Option 3: Use both:

  1. Start out using the schedule builder for those hard-to-schedule classes.
  2. Save the schedule the schedule builder gives you.
  3. Customize the schedule by browsing for more courses and course sections.
  4. Reuse a saved schedule in the builder to make a new schedule.
Hey there,

Thanks for the interest in Schedule Miner. I have now graduated and moved onto other projects, so this site is no longer active. The ACM group maintains a new version here (Mines network only). If you want to run your own version, the source code is here.

It was awesome to see two-thirds of the campus use the site by the time I graduated. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback over the years.